Vave本地4G Lite充值劵

30/60/90Vave本地4G Lite充值卷  30/60/90 Days Vave 4G Lite Recharge Voucher


優惠充值券適用於30天Vave本地4G LITE儲值卡 ($98), 請於易票聯指定經銷商購買。

使用說明: 以短訊發送啟用密碼至5235 0001。每次充值將即時延長您的 Vave本地4G Lite儲值卡有效期30/60/90天。

Special Price Recharge Voucher is applicable to 30 Days Vave 4G Lite SIM Card ($98). The Voucher is available at designated ePayLinks Marchant.

Instruction: Send you Activation Code by SMS to 5235 0001. Upon each successful recharge, the valid period of your 30 Days Vave Unlimited Local SIM Card will extend for 30/60/90 days.